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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Beaded Symmetry

Oops, I've been neglecting my blog - yet again!  But in my defence, not only have I been incredibly busy, but the Virgin connection in our village has been totally flaky recently and we had an engineer out twice in 3 weeks.  Uploading photos was near impossible and our speed is still rather slow compared to what we're paying for.  Why are all these companies so pants?! 

Anyho, on to happier things - I took another trip to Devon to see the folks and fortunately my visit coincided with a craft fair at Exmouth Pavillion.  I specifically wanted to check out the jewellery of 'Beaded Symmetry'.  My Mum bought me a necklace from this designer at Christmas and I love it sooooo much.

I had a lovely chat with Pauline, the owner and designer and she let me take a picture of her stall.

Obviously, this picture cannot do the products justice, so you can check out her facebook page here:

But in the meantime, here are a few pics of the items that I bought from her.
I'm totally obsessed with brooches

Pauline also has an Etsy shop, which is listed on her facebook page.  There are no items for sale as yet, but she did mention she hopes to rectify that soon.