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Monday, 19 December 2011

Finished project

Well, I have finally finished by baby set and not before time!  I'm seeing the expecting parents tonight, so I just made the deadline.

The set ended up consisting of a cardigan, a hat, booties and scratch mitts:

I have a confession and that is that I'm a relatively new knitter - probably only started about 2 years ago.  My Mum did try teaching me when I was young, but I found it too fiddly and got impatient too quickly to be any good.  The same goes for many of my crafts actually - never had the interest or patience as a child and am now learning and finding that the second time around, I'm loving all these crafty hobbies.  So this is the first hat I have ever made and the first baby cardigan.

I hope my projects will get more daring over the next year.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cooking and decs

The weather has really turned in the last couple of weeks, so I'm having to eat lots of nice comfort food to keep warm.....that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! 

Thanks to a mild November, HP's vegetable garden was still producing, so the fridge has been crammed full of fresh veg that we can't get through quickly enough.  There are so many tomatoes that we'll probably freeze a big batch and make some chutney in the new year.

I made a lovely stir-fry the other night with a lot of the ingredients....
I also made a big batch of my favourite cupcakes for the girls at work and for my beloved and his colleagues....
These cupcakes are chocolate with a brandy buttercream topping and then sprinkled with choccy.  Well, it is the time to indulge!  They went down very well with everyone.

We also finally got around to putting up the Xmas decorations in our new home and it looks very special and Christmassy!

Nearly all the Christmas presents have been bought and all the cards have been written and sent.  Time for a glass of mulled wine, me thinks.......

Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas prep

Well, I thought I was getting quite organised with Christmas.  I made a list of what I want to get for people about 6 weeks ago, but then suddenly realised that I haven't bought anything yet!  Still, I managed to rectify that a bit this weekend and I think I'm nearly there.

I got round to making some jewellery items for pressies.  I love making crochet and knitted jewellery so I made these for my Mum at the weekend.  Firstly, a silver necklace with green crystals:

and a multi-coloured crochet necklace with a matching knitted bracelet:

I'm really pleased with how they turned out, so I hope Mum will like them.

I've also made a few beaded rings for friends which I think are so cute - they 're so easy to make too, so I can make lots very quickly!

Me and HP put up our Christmas decs at the weekend.  This is the first house we have owned and we only bought it in March, so this Christmas is very special to us.  I'll try to get some pics of the all the lovely lights in the lounge to post later this week.

Hope you're all getting prepared for the big day - less than 3 weeks to go!