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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Getaway to Cromer

HP and me had a lovely getaway for a few days earlier this month to celebrate our 4th anniversary.  We went to Cromer and stayed in a fab B&B, called Cromer House.  The owners, Jan and Terry, are fab and can't do enough for you.  The beds are soooo comfortable.  I suffer frequently with bad insomnia, so I usually find going away really stressful, but I slept so well here.  Cromer House is right by the sea, so it's ideally located too.  We will definitely go back there!

Cromer still has Xmas decs up in June!

View from the pier towards town

We were so lucky with the weather.  Just look at that blue sky!

Walking bare foot in the sand

Loved this painting on the wall at Sheringham

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The power of juice

A few months ago, thanks to a friend, I got into juicing and blending.  I got a free recipe book with my juicer from the fantastic Mr Jason Vale and I soon became hooked.  After trying out numerous recipes, I decided to check out Mr Vale's other books on Amazon.  The "Turbo Charge Your Life In 14 days"
book appealed to me, so I ordered that and read it from cover to cover in a couple of days.  The idea of this book is to kick you well and truly up the butt and make you change your diet and get into a major exercise routine.  I won't say it was easy.  It took a lot to do 45 mins of exercise in the morning and again in the evening, plus cut out all those foods that you think you love and that you're used to eating.  But I did it and it was nowhere near as bad as I thought.  Besides, it was only for 2 weeks and as Jason says, you can do anything for 2 weeks.

In those 14 days, I lost 10lbs when I'd found it really hard to shift even 2lbs before Jason showed me the light.  I started this regime mid-March and since that time have now lost nearly 1.5 stone in weight.  I have toned up (I've lost 5 inches from my hips and 6 inches from my waist), I feel fitter, I'm more flexible and I have more energy and confidence.  And more importantly, I have kept the weight off!  I do not exercise as hard as I did for the first 6 weeks of this regime, but I have kept up with the good food and I have at least one freshly squeezed juice a day. 

Now don't think that you've got to forego all treats for the rest of your natural, but when you've trained your body, it will crave different things.  I cannot stomach most greasy food now; I can taste the grease in which it was cooked and it makes me feel ill.  I still enjoy the occasional sugary treat - I will never turn against a good cream doughnut, but my body mostly craves fresh fruit and veg.  I hardly eat wheat anymore, I don't touch dairy (mostly because I also have a bit of an allergy), no longer drink caffeine, hardly have sugar (maybe a cake once a month).  You may not wish to go this far, but that was my choice.  I feel fitter, I sleep better and even my skin and hair have improved.  I used to suffer with seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp and if I have the right juice each day, I don't notice it. 

Juicing is fab for so many things - I really recommend it.  Even if you don't want/ need to lose weight, drinking freshly squeezed juice is absorbed so easily by your body, it nourishes every cell and you feel feel GREAT!

I LOVE my juicer and blender - please excuse the fact that the kitchen is being redecorated!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Micro Macrame bracelets

So recently did another couple of fabulous classes at The Beaderie.  These ones were both for micro macrame bracelets.

The first class was really easy as, once the button loop had been made, it was just square knots.  The effect was really pretty though.

I made this bracelet a few days after the class, just to ensure I could remember what I should be doing!  I really like the yellow and blue beads for the summer.

The other two bracelets were made during the class.

The second class was a bit more complicated as it involved double half hitch knots.  Once you've done a few repeat patterns though, it's really easy to get the hang of.  You just need to remember which hand the holding cord is in! 

The 'wave' pattern has a really pretty effect.  Just noticed that the piccie on the left though is the wrong way round.  Like knitting, there is a right and a wrong side of this bracelet.  The top piccie shows the right side, so you can see the knotting cord.

These are two very simple versions of micro macrame.  There are some really complicated patterns out there, but I think I'm a long way off those!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

A skirt out of ties

I've finally finished my tie skirt!  It's been nearly a year in the making, mostly because I put it to one side and forgot about it!!

I am not the world's best sewer by any stretch of the imagination, so I did find some aspects of this project a bit challenging, so finishing it called for a huge amount of smugness on my part.

I still have loads of ties left; when I told my Mum that I was planning to make this skirt, she kindly bought ties wherever she saw them in her local charity shops and they were really cheap in Devon - they were three times the price in Cambridge charity shops!  So, I'll probably make another skirt, but this time a bit longer.  Shouldn't take me as long now that I've grasped the basic principle of the thing.

Another reason for being a bit smug with the finish of this project (and ultimately the resulting photo) is that I would never have made an above the knee skirt a few months ago.   Through a huge change in diet, copious amounts of exercise and with the power of juice (thank you Jason Vale - you are a god!), I have recently lost 18 lbs!  Woo-hoo!  I must do a post on juicing and how I made huge body changes because of it - that will follow soon, promise!