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Monday, 25 August 2014

Baby knits

Well, so much for this New Year's resolution about keeping this blog up-to-date! 

I've been really busy now I'm back at work (temp assignment for 3 months) and I'm loving it - the job, the place, the people, all fab!

Also been really busy with baby knits.  I became an auntie again in  July and one of my friends had a baby earlier this month, so things have been flying off those needles.

Scratch mitts

I didn't make these - got them at a craft fair.  Bit of a risk, but I thought my friend would have a boy.  I was right!!!!

Hooded tops for 6-12 months - one for the niece....

....and one for my friend's little boy

This was such a pain to make, but well worth the effort - I was really pleased with the end result
Happy Bank Holiday Monday to you all - off for a cup of tea!

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