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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A crafting weekend

As I've been feeling a bit down recently, I decided that I would be kind to myself last weekend, completely ignore any housework and concentrate purely on doing some crafts.  This mostly involved sitting in front of the TV watching Agatha Christie re-runs on ITV3, but at least that enabled me to get a lot of knitting done.  I think I've mentioned before that I am not the world's fastest knitter by any stretch, so it always takes me an age to finish anything.

I've been working on my King Cole cardigan - if I carry on like this I should have it finished in time for next winter!
I'm making this cardy.....

...but in this colour yarn
I've finished the back and am now working on the sides.  As you can see, it is going to be that very annoying yarn that loves to twist!

Self-striping yarn is awesome!

I love these colours

I also decided to start work on a 'Quick and Easy' project - well, that's what the October issue of 'Simply Knitting' called it.  I haven't done much lace work before, so I'm finding this a bit fiddly, but I'm going to love it when it's finished:
The pattern

As you can see, I haven't got very far with mine yet!

Last week, I went to The Beaderie ( after work to take a Leather and Bead Wrap Bracelet class.  It was totally fantastic and although it was a bit tricky starting it off, once you get going, it's great fun.  It took me just over 2 hours to make my first 3-wrap bracelet.  I loved it so much that I made another one on Saturday.  Here I am wearing both of my bracelets together (I was really pleased with how the photo came out):
The clear, blue and black bracelet was my second attempt and the gold, blue and purple as my first attempt.  Perfect for birthday and Christmas presents, me thinks!

They don't look very exciting until you put them on!
As we are not too far away from Christmas, I decided to crack on with some suitable gifts for decorations, so started on these wire snowflakes/ stars.

They look really pretty once they're hung up.

Sadly, before I knew it, the weekend was coming to an end and I had to pack away all my bits and bobs until the next time.  Wonder how long I can keep putting off housework.......

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