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Monday, 22 October 2012

My Crafty Dad!

Hello peeps,

I know I've been away for ages.  I've been rather busy settling into the new job and taking a lovely 2-week holiday in Cornwall and Devon (which I will post about soon).

This post, however, is dedicated to my Dad.  Long have I been in awe of his arts and crafts talents (see the Christmas post of the table centre piece), so I decided to show you all some of his amazing origami work.  Dad has always been a great artist, but since retiring about 6 years ago, he has not only taught himself how to play the piano, but has also mastered the art of creating some beautiful origami pieces.  I think most of the pics speak for themselves:

Little worm



Family of ducks

Swans on a pond


Parrots - close up

Flower - side view

Hanging floral decoration


Round of applause for my talented Dad!


  1. Wow! Your dad's creations are amazing! Please tell him I said so. I would never have the patience or dexterity to make these (or to knit like you for that matter!)
    Thanks for following my blog x

    1. Hi Kylie,
      Thank you for your lovely comment - my Dad will be most chuffed! He is so amazingly talented, I'm very proud of him.
      And thanks for following my blog back x