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Friday, 8 February 2013

New knitting group

Well hello.  I'm afraid I've been rather remiss in my blog over the last couple of weeks, mostly because I haven't done anything worth blogging about.

Most exciting is, a couple of us have started a knitting group at the office which takes place every Wednesday lunch-time.  It's a small office of about 40 people and on the first week, there were only 3 of us, including myself and my co-founder, but we are confident that numbers will grow as the word spreads.  Some of the girls are even interested in learning how to knit, which is great!  There can never be too many knitters in the world.

Because there's a lot of gossiping going on at these groups, I thought I would bring something easy to work on.  I cannot count and talk at the same time and when I'm working on a lace pattern, it always goes wrong unless I'm concentrating.  So, I'm working on a little summer cardigan from Sirdar in Click DK.  I absolutely love some of the colours in this yarn and the one I'm using right now, Cranberry, is no exception (although as usual, my camera doesn't do it justice):

A colleague's wife very kindly donated some Rowan magazines that she no longer wants to the group.  She naturally received some of my homemade brownies and shortbread as a big thank you for such generosity!  I love the Rowan magazines, but I doubt that I'm good enough to make half of the stuff in them.

Had a good piece of news last night too.  While checking my emails, I found that my Australian pal, AC, had contacted me.  He came to Cambridge to do some research at my last workplace in 2012 for a few weeks and bless him, he follows my blog - so a big hearty hello to you, AC!  He now has a position at the university and starts next January working for my former boss!  So this time next year, AC and his girlfriend will be living here - yay!  I can see celebratory welcome drinks on the distant horizon in January 2014......

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