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Monday, 29 April 2013

Has Persephone finally escaped from Hades?

It may be a Monday morning, but I'm very excited to see that Mr Blue Sky has come back to say hello - let's hope he's here to stay!

A few weeks ago I did get around to making another button necklace, like this silver one:

but this one was in antique gold.  I think the silver one is my favourite.  Do you find that - the first thing you make of an item is always your favourite?  I do like the antique gold, but the buttons were slightly different and didn't give me quite the same shape or structure as the silver.  Still, it was great fun making it and I'm getting lots of comments every time I wear one (and a few requests for commissions)

Didn't get as much jewellery making done as I would have liked this weekend, but at least there's a bank holiday next week!

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