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Thursday, 25 April 2013

I'm sure I saw the sun yesterday!

I can't believe how long I've been away from my blog.  I've had a couple of bad bouts of illness, one straight after the other, so I haven't really had the energy to make anything.  Fortunately, I found my mojo again at the weekend and had a couple of days locked away in my craft room.  I know that seemed a tragedy given the glorious weather, but I had my CD player on, the window wide open and hours of uninterrupted jewellery making - I was in heaven!

I've been trying out a few new things, but mostly I'm trying to build up my stock for the summer.  The leather bead wrap bracelets are still my most popular seller and fortunately I love making them.

Sorry for the poor quality of this photo - my camera does not like close-ups.  I'm trying to make a variety of sizes to fit very small and very large wrists.  This is the biggest complaint I get from customers, which is why they always opt for bespoke item.
I'm also trying out a macrame bracelet with seed beads on the outside.  The one in the photo is just going to wrap round the wrist once, but I will probably make some 3-wraps ones too for sale.  I think this bracelet is going to be for me, as I love it so much already.  That's the trouble - I end up making stuff and keeping it rather than selling it.  Must stop doing that - bad Suzie!!

I love neutral rather than bright colours, like this.

so I always have trouble selecting colours that I probably wouldn't normally wear, because not everyone likes the same stuff as me.  I think pink is where I get my mental block, because I really do not like that colour generally.  I did like these colours though and think they will make some great summer items.

So, other items I made at the weekend:

These bracelets are proving very popular too, so I think I'm going to be making quite a few more of these.  These two were just prototypes, but I think they're a winner. 

A bib necklace

Button necklace

Back of button necklace - you just 'sew' the buttons in place with 0.5mm wire - easy peasy!
Hoping to be as productive this weekend too.  Hope the warmer weather is bringing out everyone's creative mojo!

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