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Monday, 28 November 2011

Baby stuff

Well, I'm getting there with the baby stuff.  Haven't managed to get as much done as I wanted due to various other jobs getting in the way!

I've just got to knit the edges of the cardigan, add the button and sew up the sides and sleeve seams.

I think it's looking rather pretty, although I must confess I am not a lover of pink.  Always refused to wear it as a little girl and only have 1 top and 1 skirt in bright pink as an adult (and they don't often get an airing!)

I managed to knock together some scratch mitts while watching 'Merlin' on Saturday.  Still got to sort out the weaving though.  I always put that off!

Have started a hat now, although I'm a bit worried that it's looking rather small.  I don't want to give the poor child a headache the minute she's born!  I'll keep working on it and see what happens - it may be all right when I've done a few more rows.

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