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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Birthdays and guilt

A couple of my friends have had birthdays this month and at a loss what to get them, they each got some hand-made jewellery. 

AJS, the friend I made the cuff for (see the last post) absolutely loved it.  It looked lovely all wrapped up too:

AJS is a graphics designer and artist and her presents are always so beautifully wrapped, I wanted to do her proud.

My other friend, V, turned 50 a couple of weeks ago.  She doesn't like anything fussy, be it clothes or accessories, so I wanted to make her something I thought she'd actually wear, so she got a crochet and beaded necklaces, which fortunately she really liked:

Poor HP has been a bit neglected recently, what with me shut away in my craft room making presents and rehearsals for the spring play, so I made him some cupcakes at the weekend:
You can't really see in the picture but these had green icing, with silver glitter and sprinkles.  I really want to upgrade my camera, but I've got other things I need to save up for first.  May go on the birthday and Christmas list.....

I've been feeling really guilty about how many WIPs I currently have.  I made a list on Sunday and there are 13!  Really, 13!!!  That's pretty bad!  Some only literally need to be sewn up or have buttons added.  I packed away everything when we moved last March and I'm still unpacking my stash boxes now.  I think I've got all the unfinished projects together and am determined to finish them all before I start something else.  I've got some gorgeous rainbow yarn to make a jumper which I can't wait to start so that's my incentive.

First up, I'm going to work on my short sleeved cardigan as this will be perfect for the spring and summer months:

Again, the piccie isn't great, but it's a gorgeous green with flecks and the style is very me.  I just need to make it up, finish the neckband and edging and add a button.  I have a different project for tea and lunch breaks at work - something that's easy to pick up and put down - and that's a short sleeved jumper.  I've lost quite a lot of weight since I started it, so it will either have to be worn with a belt or I may give it away *sigh*.

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  1. What lovely wrapping! Both gifts are beautiful, I'm not surprised the recipients loved them :)