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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

White February

Most of the country seems to have had snow, even here in Cambridgeshire and we often escape it.  My folks didn't get any in the West Country though and my Mum was most disappointed.  Not much fun getting into work on Monday, but it sure was pretty on Sunday when the snow was all fresh and unspoilt.  Managed to get out and take a few piccies around our village.

 The church looked so pretty but sadly my camera just didn't do it justice.
This weather is the perfect time to wear two of my Christmas break knits - a glitzy and a loopy scarf.  I got the yarn as a pressie and it was good fun seeing how they developed on the needles; very simple to do but very effective end result:

As the weather was so bad on Sunday, I decided to stay in and get on with some crafty bits.  I made HP a lemon drizzle loaf (a bit of comfort food in winter is always a must!) seen here before and after drizzle has been added:

I also decided to crack on with a friend's birthday present.  Her birthday is at the end of this month and the time is just creeping up on me.  She really wants a black cuff bracelet and I must confess this is the first time I've made one.  I made the 'frame' out of 20-gauge wire:

and then started the knit section of the bracelet with 28-gauge wire which wraps around the frame.  She wanted something quite simple, so I've added just a few black seed beads to give the bracelet some texture:

I'm a bit worried that the knit section is too long for the frame.  Wire always ends up so much longer than you think it will when you knit with it.  I'm hoping I can wrap it enough to look okay - we'll see.
I'm hoping to get it finished this weekend but attaching it is the fiddly bit so that may take some time and if it is too long then I may have to start afresh!

I also made another pair of stud earrings (sorry the photo quality isn't very good)

I may have to put some of my crafting on hold for a while as I'm in a play in May and I have a lot of lines to learn.  Very exciting but very nerve-wracking as it's my first big part!

Hope you're all keeping safe and warm in this cold weather. 

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