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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Back to reality!

Happy New Year to you all!  It seems like only yesterday I was packing up work for the Christmas break and now it's all over :(

Well, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  HP and me certainly did.  We went to Devon to stay with my folks.  Thanks very much Mum and Dad for a lovely time - you're the best!  We were totally spoilt with wonderful days out, amazing food (I so miss my Mum's cooking, she's a great cook!), wonderful hosting, great company - no wonder they have so many friends wanting to visit them all the time!

We visited lots of places........

23 December: Sidmouth

It was very windy, rainy and cold, but one avid surfer still braved the elements:

Found a lovely shop there too and bought some yarn for a jumper project that was on special offer.

Then on to the Donkey Sanctuary.  They are all so cute!

24 December: Bicton Park

It was much brighter and sunnier that day.  If you're ever in this neck of the woods, I can really recommend Bicton Park.  It's beautiful and relaxing.  I love taking photos in that place.  Must have a piccie of every single tree by now!  Here's a little taster:

Christmas Day!!!

We went to see the big swim on Exmouth beach.  These people are much braver than me!

Then back home for some bubbly and present opening.  I got lots of lovely gifts: lots of jewellery making bits, some fab Can Can Glitz yarn which makes a lovely scarf, some more cake recipe books (you can never have enough!):

a cute little hot water bottle and bookmark from my sister:

Mum cooked an amazing Christmas dinner (as always!) and Dad provided the after dinner games (as always!).  My Dad is an incredible artist and since his retirement has got into origami in a big way.  Each year he does a little treasure trail for each of us - you get a clue in a little box of chocs (the boxes are Dad's creation too):

and then you have to find your next clue from that.  This year's clues were hidden in Christmas characters:

Once you reach the last clue, it leads you to a little present.  My gift this year was a cute pair of earrings.  Incase you're wondering, these characters were made out of empty Benecol bottles - clever, huh?

He also made a great centrepiece for the table: an origami Father Christmas, complete with sleigh and reindeers:

All Dad's hard work was rewarded as he got the ukulele that he's wanted for a while and entertained us all with George Fornby impressions. 

Post Christmas Day:

We had some lovely days out in Dawlish and Exeter and then sadly we had to leave the holiday behind and come home in preparation for going back to work.

However, I managed to find the time to make some bread with the breadmaker that HP got me for Christmas:

and some yummy cupcakes:

and I made some knitted legwarmers with the yarn and pattern from the December edition of 'Let's Get Crafting'.  These will come in very handy during this cold blustery weather:

Hope the New Year brings you everything you wish for!

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