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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Choccie and jewellery

While HP was happily destroying redoing our kitchen, I thought I would stay completely out of the way, so I confined myself to my craft room.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to make some jewellery, which I must confess I haven't done for yonks!  I've been more in to my knitting recently.

I wanted to make a little something for a lovely colleague whose birthday was on 7 July.  She's been very supportive over the recent troubles at work, so I wanted to let her know she was appreciated, so she got a silver memory wire bracelet.

She loved it, so I was most pleased!  She wears a few silver bangles, so I thought this would compliment them nicely.

Well, then I got on to a bit of a roll and made a couple more bracelets.

Had a few shells I wanted to do something with

Didn't have enough shell discs to make a full bracelet so had to put on a logo!

Then moved on to a couple of necklaces. 

Sadly the photos don't really do the colours justice.  There's a lot of shimmering going on there!

As HP has been working so hard, I thought he deserved a little treat so I got him some choccy as I was passing Thornton yesterday. 

 Speaking of chocolate, I realised that I didn't post any pics of the amazing stuff I got from Brussels.  Well, most of it didn't last long enough to get a photo taken, but I did manage to hold off long enough to take this beauty:

A thing of beauty is a joy forever - or about 10 minutes in this case!

The funky box the chocs came i
With all this refurbishment going on at home, it does mean the place is somewhat untidy and messy, so some serious housework is called for this weekend.  I really want to make up a top I've finished knitting in Sirdar Firefly (which I'm hoping won't be too small for me!) and do some work on a simple lace top I'm knitting.  We'll have to see how much time I'm left with after I'm done with the Cillit Bang and Mr Sheen.  We're  hopefully having some friends over for dinner next weekend so I do want the place to look nice.  I'm doing venison for the main course but need to sort out the starter and dessert.  Add to the 'To do list' - look for recipe inspiration.

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  1. Just catching up Suzie :) Your bracelets are lovely, not surprised your friend was pleased with her gift! My mouth is watering now, seeing your choccies, Belgian chocolate is something else isn't it?! Hope you enjoyed it! And your knitting is great too, from your previous post :) x