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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

New job!

Hooray!!  I have finally got another job.  It's a climb up the ladder, a much higher salary and more prospects of career advancement!  I only have another 2 weeks left at this place and overall I will be pleased to leave.  I will miss working for my wonderful boss (GG, you are totally awesome!) and will miss some of my lovely friends, but I will stay in touch with all of them.  I will also miss my friend's lovely dog, Gizzy, who sometimes comes to visit us in the office.
Here is Gizzy with a sneaky biscuit in his mouth!
I start my new job on 22 August, so wish me luck.

Well, I got my hopes up the other week with the promise of a summer, but it seems to have been a cruel hoax and now we're back to rather grey days, with the occasional burst of sunshine.   Cue, comfort food:
Some homemade bread

Yummy strawberry cake

I rarely put strawberries on the icing - lovely though theylook, the juices leak into the cake

Some of HP's home grown produce

One rainy lunchtime, I sneaked to one of Cambridge's few wool shops and bought a new pattern.  I really like the King Cole Riot yarn and thought another project with this was in order:

I'm going to make the long-sleeved cardigan but with the yarn shown in the waistcoat picture.  I love the mix of purples and browns and greys.  If only I could knit faster!  Or if only I could knit all the time!

When I wasn't knitting, I was reading a wonderful book called "The Girl with Glass Feet".  Rarely do I find a book that I'm so moved by, although I spend a lot of my spare time reading, so I highly recommend this book by Ali Shaw.

I meant to take some pics of my current knitting project, but forgot!  More on that next time.


  1. Congratulations on your new job,Have you tried putting whole strawberries on cakes, they don't leak their juices then, or chopped up, mixed in with whipped cream and stuffed between the two halves,
    Sue :)

    1. Hi Sue,

      Thanks for those tips. Sadly, I don't have a big fridge which means I can't properly store anything with cream or fresh fruit for more than a few hours. I may have to get a fridge just for my such things - sure I can find room in the garage if I get the hubby to clear a bit of space! ;) After all he will get the benefit!

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