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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Completed works!

As I mentioned in my last blog, I'm very proud to say that I have kept my New Year's resolution and completed nearly all my WIPs.

The funky soaker pants for my nephew are finally complete.  Little Alex arrived on 5 May and although these pants are still way too huge for him, his parents appreciated the humour (as I suspected!)  His Dad was a bit disappointed that he didn't arrive on the main Star Wars day (May the 4th), but took consolation that he arrived on another SW day - revenge of the fifth!  (think about it - groan, groan!)  I've still got to get to Sheffield to see him, which I hope to do very soon.

I've also completed some cardigans and tops:

Baby cardigans for forthcoming arrivals of friends

Pink shrug for those slightly chilly summer evenings (actually, where is summer?)

Really pleased to finish this one as I started it when I was new to knitting about 2 years ago and didn't know how to complete it, so my knowledge and skill level has obviously improved slightly!

Sirdar waistcoat - I didn't like the ribbon round the middle so changed it to the top.  This style is more me than the suggested pattern.

Very simple design, but I love this with a halter neck or vest top underneath, coupled with jeans.

Also knocked up some scarves quickly too:
This is a b'day present for my best friend (isn't until December, but I like to be prepared!)

I'm going to make one for myself in black too.

Love Sirdar Firefly yarn and love these 'large necklaces' which jazz up an outfit.

I got a load of sequins in my Christmas stocking and have been meaning to do something with them,

so while I was on a creative roll, I decided to jazz up the neckline of a rather boring black top:

Not sure how I'm going to wash this now though!

I'm also giving some thought on how I can organise my craft room a bit better.

As you can see, it is crammed with tons of yarn, beads, books and various other 'junk'.  I feasibly can't fit another large shelving unit in there, so I may have to put some of my books in the loft that I don't read anymore.  One to think about.

In between all this crafting, I found the time to go to the Waterbeach Feast and help out with the Waterbeach Community Players' stall.  We were lucky enough to find one of the few days when it didn't pour down with rain, although it was somewhat windy.

As usual, it was great fun, but the village was sad to say goodbye to our army boys as the barracks are closing.  We were treated to a march through the village:

Love the little dog in the corner!

Farewell lads
These kind of events always remind me of my childhood:

Aah, the old Hook a Duck stall

I luurrrvvvve bouncy castles!

The ole' win a cuddly toy

I've also made sure to keep HP happy with some baking:

Apricot and sultana flapjacks

One of my faves - shortbread

And to keep me happy, I purchased some awesome shoes:

I thought these beauties warranted a BIG picture - oh, colourful shoes, how I love thee!!!

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