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Monday, 14 January 2013

A blustery day on the beach

Well, HP and I weren't at the beach.  We had a little drive out to Haddenham, a small village about 8 miles SW of Ely, Cambs.

I had discovered there was a bead shop there (how did I not know about this earlier?!) so I dragged HP there with the promise of a long walk afterwards followed by a pub lunch.

 So, first stop was 'Spoilt Rotten Beads'
and I was in heaven!!  Look at all the lovely sparklies! 

Then, after about an hour there (sorry, HP!  Even the girls in the shop felt sorry for him, but he was very good and didn't complain once) we went on a little walk....
 .....we found a lovely craft shop (with the bonus of a tea room, as it was a very cold day on Saturday)
 which had a great poster in the Ladies' toilet.  Maybe not the best choice for wall art considering its location, but I can really relate to it....
 ....saw some horses in a field, where I nearly fell over in some mud!

I adored this cute little house.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a lover of pink, but it just works here.

We then had a lovely meal at the local pub, 'The Three Kings'.

The pub cat had the right idea!

And then it was off home, where we curled up with a cup of tea on the sofa, snuggled up under a duvet and watched 'Columbo'.  It was a perfect day and we've both decided we have to allow more time to do 'couply' things.

On the Sunday, I just caught up on some stuff around the house and even found time to make some choc chip brownies and choc chip shortbread, which in our house will last about 2 days!

I was in the mood for a quick craft fix about 5pm on Sunday, so knocked up this cute little gross grain ribbon brooch with a polka dot button.  It only took about 10 minutes.  It's probably more of a summery brooch so I will make some more in different colours ready for the slightly warmer months, so I'll have one to match nearly every outfit.  I absolutely love brooches!

Hope you're all managing to keep warm during this snowy patch.

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