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Monday, 19 August 2013

Cute little hedgehog

A couple of years ago, we had a hedgehog who constantly visited our back garden, but then we didn't see it last year :-(  But now we have another little hedgehog visiting us every night - yay!!!  We know it's not the original one, but I like to think that Hedgehog number 1 said to her baby, "if you're ever in need of food, go to see these nice people at this address, because they buy in dog food especially for you, have a very snug little hogitat all set up should you want to hibernate there (made all cat proof, I should add) and if you make friends with them, they'll even feed you dog food straight from a spoon!"  Okay, I know that's an unlikely scenario, but hey, it's my fantasy.  I know I'm in my own's okay, they know me here.

Anyway, here are some gorgeous pics of our lovely little hedgehog:

Eating from a spoon HP is holding out!!

Isn't he/she totally adorable!!!!

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