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Sunday, 18 August 2013

How to make a beaded flower bracelet

How to make a beaded flower bracelet

You will need:
46 x 6mm fire polished beads
size 8/0 seed beads
size 11/0 seed beads
KO thread
2 x size 12 needles (I prefer the longer needles)
1 toggle clasp
2 x jump rings
2 x round-nose pliers

You can buy supplies and tools online from The Beaderie.

You will need a few more beads if your wrist is larger than 7.5".
If  your thread starts getting shorter on one end than the other, simply use the longer thread to reinforce your beads until the ends are of a similar length again.

1.  Take one end of the KO thread in your left hand, unwind thread holding the spool in your right hand and hold your arms as far apart as is comfortable.  Switch the end in your right hand to your left hand and repeat, so that you end up 2 x arm width of thread.  Cut the thread.  This should give you a comfortable amount to work with, but also ensure that you don't run out of thread before you finish your bracelet!

2.  Thread one needle onto one end of your thread and pull your needle down to the middle of the thread.  Thread your other needle onto the two other ends of thread, leaving an approx. 4" tail.

3.  Now thread on 1 x 8/0 seed bead, 1 x 6mm, 1 x 11/0, 1 x 6mm, 1 x 8/0, 1 x 6mm, 1 x 11/0, 1 x 6mm (see Pic 1)

Pic 1

4.  Create a loop of beads by threading back into the first 8/0 bead added (that's your very first bead).  See Pic 2.
Pic 2

5.  Then pull these beads down to the middle of the thread, so you have roughly the same amount of thread on each side.

6.  Reinforce the loop by threading back through all the beads.  Try to keep your tension quite tight throughout this project.  (Pic 3)
Pic 3

7.  Continue by adding 1 x 8/0, 1 x 6mm and 1 x 11/0 to one needle.  Pass the needle back through the 6mm bead you added, missing out the 8/0 and 11/0 beads.  (Pic 4).  Then add 2 x 8/0 beads.
Pic 4
8.  Repeat step 7 on the opposite needle, but add just 1 x 8/0 bead, instead of 2.  Close  up the loop of beads by passing the needle through the last 8/0 bead added to the other side (i.e. pass through the last 8/0 bead with the extra 8/0 bead - hope that makes sense!)  See Pic 5.
Pic 5
 9.  Reinforce the centre loop of 8/0 seed beads by threading back around them with one needle.  Make sure the two threads come out of the same bead when you reinforce (Pic 6).

Pic 6
10. Now add 1 x 6mm, 1 x 11/0, 1 x 6mm and 1 x 8/0 to one needle.  Add 1 x 6mm, 1 x 11/0 and 1 x 6mm to the other (Pic 7)

Pic 7
11.  Pass the needle through the last 8/0 bead added on the opposite side to close the loop of beads.  See Pic 8.

Pic 8
 12.  Again, reinforce the loop by threading 1 needle back through all the beads (through 1 x 6mm, 1 x 11/0,1 x 6mm 1 x 8/0, 1 x 6mm and 1 x 8/0), making sure that both threads come out of the top seed bead (Pic 9.

Pic 9

 13.  Continue steps 7-12 until the bracelet is the desired length.  If your wrist is 6.5" to 7.5", this will be when you have made 7 full flowers.  I have included some more pics below to show your progress will look.

14.  Once you have reached your desired length, secure the needle threads by threading back into your beadwork, adding a few half-hitch knots to further secure.  Depending on how much thread you have left, I would do this 3-4 times.
To make a half hitch knot, bring your needle up between 2 beads, make a loop and pull that knot tight, making sure that the knot goes into between the 2 beads and not over them.  See picture below.

15.  Using 2 pairs of round nose pliers, open up a jumpring and thread through the last 8/0 bead in the pattern and attach one end of the toggle clasp.  (See Pic 10).  Using your pliers, 'walk' the jump ring together to close the gap.

Pic 10
16.  Do this on the other end too and you're done!

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