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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Maxi skirts and stupid poses

Morning all!  Rather a grim start to the day, so just as well I got my blog photos done last night when it was still warm and bright.

Before we kick off, I would like to say in my defence of these pics that I REALLY hate having my photo taken.  I always look a bit goofy or I think "flippin' 'eck, do I really look like that - eewww!"  So, please focus on the skirts!

I made a few maxi skirts when the weather started to really hot up.  I ended up making 5 cos I got a bit carried away.  One is certainly a bit more dressy, 3 are casual and one is a bit inbetween.

The dressy skirt

The inbetweeny.  The hem looks really naff in this photo though!


I love the colour and pattern of this fabric

Purple patchwork

Green fingers + green skirt

No idea what I was looking at!

I love this fabric sooooo much!

I teamed all these skirts (except for the red one) with my fabulous Sseko sandals, which I'm still totally obsessed with.  I'm hoping the weather will hot up a bit again soon so I can get as much wear out of them as possible before I have to put them away until next summer :-(

And I should point out (in case you haven't already guessed) that sewing is not my best crafting skill (that's probably jewellery making).  I have little patience so I tend to follow very simple patterns and if there are a few errors at the end.......well, hey-ho!  All the sewing bloggers I follow put me to shame!  These are just very simple elasticated skirts which you can knock up in about an hour.  But they're good enough for me and that's all that matters.  Friends are always amazed that I love knitting because they know how impatient I can be, but I love knitting because I can do it in front of the telly or out in the garden and I can put it down and pick it up again whenever I feel like it.  However, what many of them don't know is that I always have a few WIPs in my knitting basket and every time I look at them I feel really guilty.  I think I'm down to about 5 unfinished projects now though so I should get most, if not all, done by the end of the year.  Or am I being too ambitious again!

Have a good Thursday and don't get too wet!  Oooh, I have a jewellery making class tonight - I'll post details of what I make soon.


  1. They are lovely Suzie! I too lack patience with sewing, and other things *ahem* :) I love your hair too, it looks great x

    1. Thank you for your kind comments on the skirts and on my hair. I had it cut slightly differently last weekend and I'm pretty happy with it. Should probably touch up those roots though ;-)
      Suze x

  2. Very pretty skirts! I'm not too good with the sewing by machine either, though I like embroidery and used to do lots of cross stitch.

    I STILL have a nightshirt for Sasha waiting to be machined...


    PS Glad you're feeling more positive now!

    1. Thank you so much, Penny! Hope all is well with you.
      Suze x